The day I truly accepted disapproval.

One of the biggest struggles of my personality is my undying interest in ‘keeping the peace’ and with that, a very weighted interest in the opinions of others. The reality of this is that I often end up feeling like the bad guy or trying to solve problems when there is realistically no solution. It’s easy for me to hang onto situations or people long … Continue reading The day I truly accepted disapproval.

The Problem with ‘Later’

Lateraphob. That’s what I’m going to call myself from here on out. I am an avid, lateraphobic. The crippling fear of doing things later, when you could just as easily do them now. Those dreadful words: “maybe later.” Although, I must admit, I was a professional procrastinator throughout my youth and university years but they live no more. The good juju of doing things when life calls for them … Continue reading The Problem with ‘Later’

Mindfulness in a Mindless World

It seems that increasingly we give our brains the backseat and let technology act on its behalf. Smart phones correct grammar and calculate basic arithmetic, cars tell us which direction to go and notify us of what’s in our way without turning our heads. We set alerts for when to eat, when to sleep, and when to be more active. Our lives are consumed by … Continue reading Mindfulness in a Mindless World